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The group's subsidiary companies held a year-end summary and commendation meeting

Date: Oct 13th, 2020
In order to comprehensively summarize and review the work in 2020, deploy the work in 2021, mobilize all staff to work together and dare to act, and boost the sustainable and stable development of the group, recently, all subsidiary companies of the group successively held the work summary and commendation meeting in 2020. Affected by the epidemic, the group's subsidiaries actively responded to the government's call of "no gathering", and held annual summary meetings in different forms online or offline according to the actual situation of the region. Comprehensively summarize the completion of the annual work, refine the work highlights and experience, carefully find the deficiencies in the work, deeply analyze the key points, difficulties in the work, and reward the advanced collectives and  individuals emerging in the work in 2020, encourage all employees of the group to strive for excellence and forge ahead, and lead the enterprise to strive for a new era of high-quality development.
Under the background of the implementation of the new round of five-year plan of the group, all subsidiary companies focus on the same goal, take the development outline of the group as the guide, coordinate the company's resources, give full play to the advantages of technology and industry, continuously improve the management level, and ensure the realization of the five-year development goals of each company.
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