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Components for Air Cooling System

Water and air are used as the cooling medium to exchange heat with the high temperature medium in the condenser coil, and the evaporation of water outside the tube is used…
Less Investment: Save about 40-60% of investment
Save Water: About 30-50% of the total water
Reducing energy usage: by 10% - 20%
Working Principle
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Tube for bundle
Stainless steel tube
Stainless steel U tube:
Produce a variety of stainless steel tubes.The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, heat exchange and other fields.
Braze welding finned tube   Core parts of Air Cooled Condenser
Corrugated tube:
High heat transfer coefficient.
High temperature resistance, can withstand large temperature difference, pressure difference.
Strong anti-scale and descaling function.
The stress distribution is uniform and the corrosion resistance is strong.
Long service life and relatively cheap price.

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