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Luoyang Longhua Technology Company’s Technology Center
Is Henan Province Industrial Heat Transfer and Energy Saving Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, provincial enterprise technology center, with more than 200 technical specialists in different fields. Among them, there are more than 50 researchers, doctoral supervisors, high-level professors, senior engineers, PHD., and graduate students;
More than 100 patents for national inventions and utility models; nearly 20 scientific research achievements and scientific and technological progress awards; and successively presided over and participated in the compilation of 13 national and industry standards in refrigeration and water treatment industries. In scientific research project management, project establishment, new product development, patent protection, investment in scientific research funds, creation New capacity-building and many other aspects, in the forefront of the same industry.
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In strict accordance with the national policy of "energy saving and emission reduction "
The technology center focuses on energy-consuming and high-emission key industries such as thermal power, iron and steel, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, refining and petrochemical industry, taking energy-saving, consumption-reducing and emission-reducing as the main direction, and key enterprises in key industries with high energy consumption and high pollution as the main body. Independent commitment to national and provincial priorities topics, patent projects continue to grow.
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