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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Water and air are used as the cooling medium to exchange heat with the high temperature medium in the condenser coil, and the evaporation of water outside the tube is used…
Less Investment: Save about 40-60% of investment
Save Water: About 30-50% of the total water
Reducing energy usage: by 10% - 20%
Working Principle
Working Process
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Working Principle
Water and air are used as the cooling medium to exchange heat with the high temperature medium in the condenser coil, and the evaporation of water outside the tube is used to take away the heat released during the condensation process in the tube.
Working Process
The high temperature medium discharged by the compressor enters from the upper part of the condensing coil and discharged from the lower part after being cooled (condensed).

The cooling water is sent to the spray device on the upper part of the condensing coil by the circulating water pump, and then the water is sprayed uniformly on the surface of the condensing coil by the nozzle to form a water film. The high-temperature medium in the condensing coil conducts heat exchange with the water outside the condensing coil. The high-temperature medium condenses (cools down) and releases heat. The spray water outside the condensing coil evaporates and absorbs heat, so that part of the spray water becomes water vapor. When the water vapor passes through the water filter, the water is recovered, while the wet air is discharged out of the equipment. The water which is not evaporated is cooled by the air during the falling process, and falls into the collecting tank evenly for recycling use. At the same time, the axial fan absorbs the wind forcibly from the upper part of the equipment, forming negative pressure in the condensing coil, and strengthening the evaporation of the spray water, improving the heat transfer effect of the unit.nit.
Product Feature
The countercurrent structure is adopted, and the heat exchange pipe is of snake type structure. The number of heat exchange pipes is large, and the area of heat exchange and gas circulation is large.
Condensing coil is carbon steel galvanized pipe, strong corrosion resistance, and the equipment is long service life.
The water distributor is installed with efficient sprinkler head, which has good water distribution and anti-blocking performance.
The surrounding and bottom of the circulation water tank are made of FPR, which will avoid water leakage and avoid corrosion of the water to the surrounding carbon circulation water tank.
Adopt the new high efficiency axial fan, with low noise, high efficiency and good energy saving effect.
High efficiency eliminator is adopted to reduce water mist loss and water saving effect is good.
Circulation water tank is automatically adjusted by the float ball valve, which can automatically replenish and add water.
Product Advantage
High Heat Exchange Efficiency
Both latent heat of evaporation and sensible heat of air cooling are used for cooling. Moreover, the condensing coil adopts the form of multi-row coils, which can increase the flow, increase the heat exchange area and achieve better heat exchange effect.
Less Investment
As evaporative cooler integrates heat exchanger, circulating cooling tower and circulating water pump as a whole, which save the equipment of the purchase and construction of special cooling tower, circulating water pump, pump room, circulating water pipe, charging device,heat exchanger and so on, as well as the cost of civil construction and installation. Save about 40-60% of investment.
Save Water
The cooling effect of the evaporative condenser is to use the latent heat of water evaporation and consume less water.Low resistance and high efficiency eliminator is adopted to avoid the loss of cooling water mist.Evaporation loss and sewage in the water cycle account for about 3-5% of the total water, if the water quality is better, the water loss will be less than 2%.
Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection
The cooler is its own independent circulation cooling system, not affected by other equipment, the circulating water quality is easy to ensure, which is conducive to equipment maintenance and environmental protection standards, it is a new energy-saving and environmental protection
Compared With Air Cooler
Evaporative condenser (cooler) has lower energy consumption, less investment, and is less affected by natural weather conditions. Moreover, the equipment is more compact, small in size, and more convenient for installation and transportation.
Application Fields
Evaporative cooler (condenser) is a kind of high efficiency energy-saving equipment developed by Longhua Technology on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. Compared with similar products, it's more energy saving, water saving, simple packless structure makes the air inlet more unobstructed, less resistance, suitable for use in bad environment. Evaporative cooler (condenser) can be widely used in petrochemical industry, light industry medicine, refrigeration and air conditioning, food refrigeration and many other industries.
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