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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) is a cooling system where the air-cooled condenser directly cools and condenses the vapor exhausted by the turbine into water, with air used as a cooling medium.
Applied to: Chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, building materials..
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Air cooling system
Air cooling system: horizontal multi-tube structure
Air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler for short), is the ambient air as a cooling medium, the fan forced air to sweep outside the fin tube, so that the high temperature process fluid in the tube to be cooled or condensed heat exchange equipment. The air cooler unit consists of three basic parts of fin tube bundle, fan, frame and blinds, access platform, ladder and other auxiliary parts. The use of natural air as a cooling medium saves valuable water resources, reduces the discharge of industrial sewage and protects the natural environment.

● Single row air cooled condensing bundles ● Steel structure 
● Fan system ● Vacuum system ● Steam duct and condensate piping 
● Bundle cleaning system for ACC ● Control system
Our company adopted advanced air cooler design software HTFS. ACOL plus, mature manufacturing technology, according to different use of the operating conditions, for users to tailor a complete set of air cooler solutions. The tube bundle is modular and can be combined with multiple modules for heat-loaded conditions, making it easy to transport and install. The axial fan adopts V-type belt transmission and variable frequency control to achieve the goal of controlling moderate and energy-saving. 

Forced-draft:The bundle is on the exhaust side of the fan to facilitate maintenance.The fan motor is always in cooler air to allow for treatment of high temperature processing medium and thus maintain a long service life.
Induced-draft: The bundle is onthe intake side of the fan. The induced-draft horizontal air cooler features a stable performance of heat exchange as the air duct isolates finned pipes from sunshine, wind, rain and snow. It also has even airvolume, slight
The bundle is set into an A shape. It is compact, occupying a small area.The resistance within the pipe is less than that of a horizontal cooler. Its anti-freezing performance is also excellent.
Exhaust condensed inside tubes, latent heat rejected by plenty of air driven by fans,No consumption of water (except bundle cleaning process),Larger heat exchanging area,High quantity of power consumed,Lower performance at higher ambient temperature
Product Advantage
The use of air temperature rise cooling, saving valuable water resources;
The air can be freely obtained, the location is not restricted
Air corrosive small, long service life of equipment.
Application Fields
Applied to: chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, polysilicon, PVC, cement plants, waste incineration power generation and other industries. Longhua heat transfer according to different use of the operating conditions, for customers to tailor the entire set of air cooler solutions.
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