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Air Cooled Condenser

A type of condensing equipment that employs ambient air as cooling medium to directly condense the turbine exhaust steam into water by single row tube.The air cooled system is an increasingly extensive application worldwide due to its excellent water-saving performance comparing with other types of condensing/cooling system.
Application Fields: Cooling of waste steam from thermal power generation, cogeneration
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Application Fields
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Single row Tube
The single row Tube made of aluminum-clad flat tubes and aluminum wavy finned tubes by brazing, they are compactly brazing together with a bigger welding angle on the bottom.
Features of the single row tube are as follows,
1.Great heat transfer performance: Bigger flow area on steam side, less pressure loss, higher heat transfer efficiency; Raised aluminum rolled fins reinforce heat transfer performance by increasing heat transfer area and enhancing air turbulence.
2.Great Anti-corrosion Performance: Tubes and fins are completely covered by aluminum and compactly brazed together, ensuring great anti-corrosion performance
3.High strength: High strength tubes not only facilitate transport and installation, but also endure high pressure cleaning.
4.Great Anti-freezing performance: Tube section is with bigger length-width ratio, which reduces possibility of condensate overcooling and tube freezing in winter.
● Air cooled condenser

● Air supply system

● Exhaust duct system

● Condensate collection system

● Vacuum-pumping system

● Cleaning system

● Electrical system

● Instrument and control system

● Supporting structure
Product Feature
Use air temperature rise to cool down and save precious water resources.
Air is available for free so there are no restrictions on location.
The air is less corrosive so that the service life of the equipment is long
Application Fields
Cooling of waste steam from thermal power generation, cogeneration, Biomass power generation and waste power generation, mainly used in water-deficient areas.
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