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Technology Advantages
Luoyang Longhua Is a national high-tech enterprise
Henan Industrial Heat transfer and Energy Saving equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, Henan Industrial Heat transfer and Energy Saving Technology Academician workstation, Henan Enterprise Technology Center.
Perfect R & D System
Core technology R & D team, technology promotion team, product testing and verification service team complement each other closely, rely on each other and promote each other, so as to realize the benign operation of rapid transformation from technology R & D achievements to market industrialization. The R & D orientation is for the research and development of industrial heat exchange equipment. Based on the composite heat exchange design concept, the potential replaces the obvious, the composite replaces the single, and the plate and tube structures are diversified.
There are 47 research and development teams specializing in air cooling of power stations, with complete coverage of thermal process, pipeline, steel structure, civil engineering, electrical and control disciplines; more than 10 professors, doctors and masters are employed, and 5 domestic power air cooling expert consultants are employed.
Development Teams
Professor, doctor, master
Expert consultant
Professional Design Software
Design Content
Assistant Software
Air cooler heating Calculating
Structure and
Midas Gen STAAD
Caesar II Ansys
Tekla Structures AUTOCAD
Process Design
Ensure the correctness and advanced nature of process design, which based on TPRI’s Single row tube element test, the real data of 10MW ACC equipment and cooperate with Xi’an JiaoTong University.
Structure Design
The application of advanced structural design software MIDAS.GEN, the overall modeling of steel structure and civil structure makes the structure more reasonable, especially in the aspect of full steel long-span structure, the double truss concept is adopted to reduce the steel consumption on the basis of ensuring the system safety.
Piping Design
CAESAR II is used to analyze the overall force of the pipeline and ANSYS is used for local analysis of the force concentration area. Fluent fluid analysis software is used to optimize the design of the exhaust pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of safe and reasonable structure, uniform steam distribution, reasonable flow rate, reducing pressure loss, improving the heat transfer performance of the whole system, and avoiding cooling and freezing.
Analysis of air flow distribution
LongHua Technology apply the most advanced technical means and tools, the whole ACC is numerically simulated by using finite element method. The wind and thermodynamic analysis and calculation can be carried out to simulate the effect of hot air on the air-cooled condenser as much as possible, which could provide customers with the most reasonable, most economical and safest design scheme.
The establishment of testing and Testing Center fills the gap in the field of refrigeration and heat transfer in China.
Full-performance testing station simulate the main operation conditions of the power station to test the system performance of direct air-cooled condenser plus evaporative peak cooling device, including heat exchange performance, system reliability, stability, economy, especially the ability of full load operation in summer and the reliability of Antifreeze Operation in winter.
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