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Longhua Group Successfully Held the Third "Longhua Cup" Basketball Match

Date: Nov 21st, 2023
In order to stimulate the work enthusiasm of all employees, gather the power, and help to successfully complete the annual business objectives. Recently, the labor union of Longhua Group organized the third "Longhua Cup" 3V3 Basketball Match in Luoyang City, and the equipment division, Fonlink, CUPM, and Kebos arranged 8 teams to participate in the match.

In this match, the participants fought bravely and went all out, showed a wonderful basketball game, and demonstrated the power of teamwork and the spirit of courage.

Longhua Group continues to pay attention to the spiritual and cultural life of the employees, strives to carry out colorful cultural and sports activities to improve the quality of life of the employees, and guides the employees to keep the spiritual qualities of unity and tenacity shown in the activities to the work, so as to make the teams stronger and contribute to the high-quality development of the company.

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